Four meditations to support deep rest and healing: Clothed with Flowers – a journey to the healing world of the Ovates and Druids, The Healing Island of Moy Mell – a journey to the Land of Honey, Drawing from the Well – to help you take a brief healing catnap, and Healing Sleep – to help you go to sleep and stay asleep.
In each of these meditations we have used aspects of the Divine Proportion to convey and embody a deep sense of harmony and healing.The language of Nature can be glimpsed in the Divine Proportion, which is found in the human body, in DNA, in the spirals of shells, the geometry of crystals and the veins of leaves. It can be found in brain wave cycles, in our skeletons, and in the branching of our veins and nerves. The Golden Mean, expressed by the Greek letter Phi, and intimately connected with the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, has been used for centuries by artists, sculptors, architects, and composers to produce aesthetically pleasing and harmonious creations. By using the Golden Mean their work conforms to one of Nature’s most significant underlying principles and embodies Divine Proportion. In these meditations, the soundtracks have been engineered with the Golden Ratio, and the Fibonacci sequence has been used in the creation of the music.

Developed by Philip Carr-Gomm, with the voices of Philip and Sophia Carr-Gomm and Scott Reid, with music and voice by Charlie Roscoe, Helen Glavin and Damh the Bard. Engineered and produced by Damh the Bard.

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